Avengers Initiative - Florida

Issue 1
Mayhem in the Magic Kingdom

It was a big day for the Florida Avengers. The initial press conference to introduce the team was scheduled to be held in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World. The four heroes prepared with various degrees of apprehension before being ferried to the press conference by a Quinjet.

Special Agent Cooper introduced the team before opening the floor to questions. For some reason, the press was very snappy and asked biting questions, led by Jane Valderama of GNN. Shade’s paramilitary bearing was called into question, as was The Fox’s many brushes with the law. Storm Chaser weathered the barrage of questions with grace, while Brother Brujo was inscrutable and difficult to pin down. The mystic did detect something amiss in the air, as if an enchantment was making everyone short tempered.

Before he could investigate the spell further, the Wrecking Crew viciously attacked! Thunderball led the charge, smashing Storm Chaser through a wall with his signature, demolition grade, ball and chain. The Wrecker had more trouble with Brother Brujo, who turned his crowbar into a suspiciously hard order of cotton candy. Despite some strong efforts that brought low the Wrecker, the rest of the crew were able to defeat our fledgling heroes, leaving them lying in the rubble of Cinderella’s Castle.

After recovering from their beating with the help of Shield Tech and strange sorcery, the group learned that the attack had been a cover for a theft of Wakandan Vibranium from Epcot. A superstrong female, a male phaser, and a male sorcerer, members of the Vulpin Guild, overcame security to make off with the valuable and rare ore.

Still, without solid leads to track down the Vulpin thieves, the Avengers opted instead to track down the Wrecking Crew, knowing the super strong, Asgardian powered thugs would have a hard time hiding. Surely enough, when a bar fight got out of hand and the National Guard was summoned, the Florida Avengers showed up in their stead.

Storm Chaser, still smarting from some of Bulldozer’s aggressive headbutts, opted to introduce him to her Tornado proof VTOL, the TET… by crashing it into him from a few hundred feet in the air. The demonstration rendered Bulldozer very, very unconscious.

The Wrecker, less impressed by the TET, used his magical crowbar and Asgardian Might to rip the flying tank in twain. Shade leapt from the wreckage, dashed into the ruined bar, and riddled Thunderball with magically enchanted, god killing bullets provided by Brother Brujo. While Thunderball survived the onslaught, he’ll face a long recovery period before he can tease Shade for being a squirrel again.

With two of the Wrecking Crew down, it didn’t take long for our heroes to subdue the rest.

Will the Wrecking Crew lead our heroes to the Vulpin Guild? Just what is The Fox’s Relationship to the Guild’s Shadowy Leader? Will Storm Chaser get a TET-2? Will Brother Brujo accidentally summon a demonic horde while trying to help Shade with his crippling self image problems?

Find out next week in Florida Avengers #2: Enter the Evergladiators!

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