Special Agent Cooper

SHIELD Liason for the Avengers Initiative


Special Agent Cooper has the unenviable task of trying to manage the day to day operations of the Florida Avengers branch. His job is made more difficult by the superheroes who’ve been assigned to his operation. They are unruly, undisciplined, insubordinate, and have no respect for proper metrics.

In short, they are uncouth barbarians, as is only fitting for the humid hellhole to which Cooper has been assigned.

Still, with time, effort, poise, and proper data collation, Special Agent Cooper will do his very best to make this team one that will not embarrass SHIELD.


It hasn’t been revealed just how Cooper got assigned to a field post he clearly despises, nor how he manage to become a Field Agent with his borderline OCD. What is known is that he possesses an uncanny knack for data analysis and a near eidetic memory.

He does have a mother and two siblings in Texas, to whom he sends regular gifts, although rarely visits.

Special Agent Cooper

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