Former teammate gone rogue.


Name: Shade


Solo d12 Buddy d4 Team d8


Slightly Super, Hardly Heroic
No respect, no respect at all.
Super sneaky sniper squirrel.

Power Sets

Squirrely Wrath
Enhanced Senses d8 Enhanced Speed d8
Enhanced Reflexes d8 Superhuman Agility d10
Quick Climber d6 Surprisingly Sharp Claws d6
SFX: Catharsis When spending a PP to add emotional stress to an attack roll, step down one step before rolling and return the smaller die to the stress track.
SFX: So full of HATE Move your physical stress to your emotional stress track and step up a “Squirrely Wrath” power by 1.
SFX: Focus Combine two duplicate dice into one die 1 step higher.
SFX: Death From Above When explicitly attacking from higher ground, spend 1 PP to keep one extra die for your total AND step up the effect die one step.
SFX/Limit: Hateful Loner Step up Solo Die and step down Buddy Die by 1 each
Limit: Self Conscious Step up emotional damage by +1 when your appearance is mocked.
Limit: Bad Buddy When rolling buddy die, treat all 1’s and 2’s rolled as opportunities.
Armed to the Teeth
Trusty Sidearms d10 Big ol’ Boomstick d8
High Powered Sniper Rifle d10 Lightweight Ballistic Armor d8
SFX: Double Tap When using “Trusty Sidearms” power, dobule and step down by 1
SFX: Buckshot When using “Big ol’ Boomstick” power, add a d6 and keep an extra effect die for every target if the Watcher agrees that they’re “Close Enough”
SFX: Boom Headshot Spend 1 turn aiming to double “High Powered Sniper Rifle” power next turn, and step up effect die 1 step
SFX: Better Against Bullets When rolling reaction against firearms, step up “lightweight Ballistic armor” power by 1.
Limit: Bad against Blades When rolling reaction against bladed attacks, step down “Lightweight Ballistic Armor” power by 1
Limit: Gear Shut down any “Armed to the Teeth” power to gain 1 PP. Reactivate during a transition scene or by activating an opportunity.


Firearm Master d10 Crime Expert d8
Covert Master d10 Menace Expert d8
Acrobatic Master d10 Tech Expert d8
Demonology Expert d8


Anger Management issues
1 xp When choosing to attack a mook with unnecessarily lethal force.
3 xp When stressing out a non-mook target while usng the “So full of HATESFX.
10 xp When Executing a helpless enemy in cold blood. When Risking my own life to prevent a foe from dying.
Hell’s Bounty Hunter
1 xp When one of the 66 tattoos activates.
3 xp When you successfully banish a soul back to hell, regardless of the means.
10 xp When you complete your bargain with Mephisto and reclaim your humanity. When you willfully break the bargain by showing mercy to a damned soul.

Real Name: Aaron Wright (disavowed)

Age: 34

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Former Occupation: Bail Bond Enforcement, Fully licensed under the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing. Continues to maintain his license despite the change in occupation.

Origin of Metahuman abilities: At age 19, Aaron Wright and a number of friends broke into an abandoned car factory with the intent of consuming alcoholic beverages, illegal narcotics, and committing petty vandalism. Instead, they found the laboratory of disturbed geneticist Dr. Anthony Kristoff, a man who had taken up the moniker of “Professor Helix” approximately four years prior, and up to that point was wanted for several thefts and deaths associated with his works.

Mr. Wright and his associates were detained by the Professor, and subjected to unethical and highly illegal genetic tampering, as is typical for captives of the Professor. The few notes recovered indicate that he was attempting to create a number of human/animal hybrids, utilizing a number of common creatures presumably captured off the street. Corpses of dogs, cats, rats, and pigeons were recovered from near the scene.

According to Mr. Wright’s testimony, he was subject to numerous injections, forced to consume a variety of unidentified, often viscous substances, and kept in the 5′ × 5′ × 6′ cage in which he was later found for the duration of his captivity. Within approximately a month (Mr. Wright admits to being unsure, as he had no view of the outside, and Dr. Kristoff was prone to keeping erratic hours, which is consistent with his pre-criminal behavior) the treatments began to show effect, in the form of “Blinding [expletive deleted] agony, like you can’t possibly [expletive deleted] imagine”, in his own words.

This pain persisted for, allegedly, months, as Dr. Kristoff’s treatment altered Mr. Wright’s body into its current state, a humanoid Sciurus Carolinensis. During this period Mr. Wright was rarely lucid enough to observe his surroundings, and admits to being unaware of the fate of his companions during this time.

According to Mr. Wright’s statements, there were seven other males aged 17-22 captured, but there was no indication of their presence at the scene. When questioned on the matter, Dr. Kristoff refused to provide information, repeatedly stating “I do not speak of failures.” Given Dr. Kristoff’s past failures, they have been declared deceased.

On August 17, 1998, over a year after his capture, Detroit Police received an anonymous tip about a “Mad Scientist” occupying the factory, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were dispatched to investigate and apprehend the suspect. Dr. Kristoff was apprehended with minimal effort and injury, a single agent was incapacitated by a taser during the apprehension. Dr. Kristoff did manage to destroy his notes, dousing the hard copies with lighter fluid and igniting them, and setting off small explosive charges within his computer system that destroyed the components almost beyond recovery.

Mr. Wright was discovered in the above-mentioned cage, insensible and in great pain. When released, he attempted to attack the rescuing agents, but due to atrophy and malnutrition, he failed to inflict any harm. Mr. Wright was removed to a shield medical facility for recovery, and was lucid within two weeks of his rescue and capable of providing a statement.

Scientists have been unable to determine precisely how Dr. Kristoff accomplished the mutations, insisting that the few recovered notes are worthless and nonsensical. As Dr. Kristoff is not especially dangerous, and Mr. Wright’s condition is neither lethal nor terribly useful to us, research into his condition has been given low priority status.

Prior History: Aaron Wright’s youth was primarily characterized by disappointment, neglect, and misbehavior. His parents, Julia MacDougal and James Wright, were divorced when he was age 6. James Wright voluntarily surrendered full custody of Aaron to Ms. MacDougal, and relocated to San Diego, California with his new Fiancee. This was essentially the end of his involvement in Aaron Wright’s life. Most accounts of Wright’s mother (most prominently from Aaron Wright himself) indicate that she was too preoccupied with work and seeking out a new romantic interest to care for anything more than Wright’s basic needs.

With so little supervision or positive attention, Aaron Wright’s participation in his education dropped off significantly, accompanied by a marked upswing on disruptive and violent behavior both on and off school grounds. From the ages of 9-18, he admits to having spent more time in juvenile corrections institutions than at home. The sealed records corroborate this, indicating that within that nine year period, he spent a combined total of 6 years, 4 months, 9 days in a juvenile correction facility, primarily for petty thefts, vandalism, and assault.

After turning 18, Wright took greater care to avoid being subject to the justice system,and managed to do so effectively until after his capture by Dr. Kristoff.

After his capture, rescue, and release from S.H.I.E.L.D. care, Wright received a substantial amount of money from the Grimm Foundation, a nonprofit group that assists victims of metahuman crime, or those who develop debilitating abilities, often in the form of financial assistance.

Despite the size of the sum, Mr. Wright managed to spend it all within three months, and was left with little money and no marketable skills. Unsurprisingly, he returned to what he knew: Crime. Aaron Wright was captured by Michigan State troopers within minutes of robbing an Exxon station at gunpoint, carrying a convincing-looking airsoft replica of a firearm, unloaded, and $87.42 in a paper bag.

Mr. Wright was released on bail, and when he failed to appear for his court hearing, a group of Bail Bond Enforcers were dispatched to retrieve him. Accounts indicate that while they found him easily enough, it took approximately three days to actually capture and detain Mr. Wright, due in large part to the above-human speed and agility he had gained from his transformation.

Wright was sentenced to 18 months in a medium-security facility for the theft, plus 9 months for flight. He served without any noteworthy incidents, and was paroled after 20 months. The group of Bail Enforcers that captured Mr. Wright approached him on release, and offered him a job, assisting the group in tracking and, in his case, running down, fugitives, provided he could avoid any further criminal activity. Wright accepted, and it was at this point that he adopted the moniker of ‘Shade’, putting his past as Aaron Wright, human criminal, behind him.

Following the events in Transia, in which Shade executed the otherwise helpless MODOK in cold blood, Shade fled Brother Brujo’s attempts to apprehend him, and is still at large.


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