Professor Helix

Z-List Mad Scientist


Dr. Anthony Kristoff has always secretly been concerned that Erik Lehnsherr was right. What if mutants really were the next step in human evolution? What if he, and all of his kind, really were destined to die out?

After years of intellectual debate and soul-searching, he came to what he considered the only reasonable conclusion: Why wait, and why risk it? Better to guarantee that the next step forward for humanity was fantastic powers, and better to get on with it as soon as possible! After coming to this revelation, Dr. Kristoff dedicated his talents as a geneticist to forwarding his vision of humanity’s future.

Within eight months of his epiphany, Dr. Kristoff found himself without funding, without lab space, without assistants, and without respect. All he had left was a mounting stack of bills, a number of troubling investigations into unethical practices, and an eviction notice.

At this point, Professor Helix, the premature crack-baby of a potentially great mad scientist, dragged out whimpering and crying years too early to be effective.

What followed was four years of disappointment and abject failure, as depression and desperation broke down a once-brilliant scientist and reduced him to a mockery of a scientist, shortcutting through the scientific process, failing worse as a result, and shortcutting more in response.

By what miracle he stumbled upon a working process to force physical mutations onto a human being, nobody knows, least of all him. In the months during Shade’s conversion, he almost drove himself so deep into insanity trying to recall precisely what he had done that he nearly circled back around to sanity.

In the decade since his success, Professor Helix has been incarcerated in the Alger Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Munising, Michigan.

Professor Helix

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