Ender Q. Frisby

Fluffy hyper-engineer


Name: Ender Q. Frisby

Code Name: The Mechanist


Solo d6 Buddy d10 Team d8


I don’t have time for this!
Hyperintelligent Squirrel
Chronic Multitasker

Power Sets

Damocles Unit Mk. V
Modular Weapon Array d10 Supersonic Flight d10
Superhuman Strength d10 Superhuman Durability d12
Remote Interface Device d10 Sonic Amplification Device d8
Multi-spectrum Sensor array d10
Counterattack On a reaction against a physical stress attack action, use effect die to inflict physical stress for no PP. Spend 1 PP to step up effect +1
SFX: Force Field Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress or trauma from any non-magical attack.
SFX: Multipower Use multiple Damocles powers at -1 step to each die per power.
SFX: Escape Pod When physically stressed out, shut down Damocles Mk. V power set, remove all stress, take no Trauma. You are not stressed out. To recover power set, take an action against the doom pool during transition scenes.
SFX: Multiattack For every additional target of a “Damocles MK V” Power, add +1d6 and keep an extra effect die.
Limit: Permanent Prototype Gain 1 PP to turn any “Damocles MK V” Power into a complication.
Limit: Out of Juice Shut down Damocles Mk. V power to gain 1PP. Recover by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.
Squishy Little Rodent
Enhanced Reflexes d8 Small Size d8
SFX: Tiny Little Rodent May include both “Enhanced Reflexes” and “Small Size” powers in a single reaction roll.
Limit: Tiny Little Rodent Step up all physical stress by +1.
Limit: Size Matters Turn “Small Size” into a complication to gain 1 PP
Limit: Mutually Exclusive Must shut down “Damocles Mk. V” Power set to activate “Squishy Little Rodent” power set. Shut down “Squishy Little Rodent” to reactivate “Damocles Mk. V”
Super Genius
Superhuman Intellect d10
SFX: Multitaunt Add +1d6 and keep an extra effect die for every target of your “Psych” and “Menace” specialties.
SFX: Focus Combine any two matching dice into a single die 1 step higher.
SFX: Great Googly Moogly! Spend 1 PP to borrow the highest die in the doom pool
as an asset for your next action, then step back and return the doom die.
Limit: Back to the Drawing Board. When using a Tech asset at d8 or lower, the watcher may activate any opportunities to either 1) Assign them as effect dice to targets of his choice or 2) Immediately destroy the Asset, regardless of die size. This is instead of gaining or stepping up a die for the doom pool, not in addition.


Tech Master d10 Vehicle Master d10
Science Master d10 Crime Expert d8
Acrobatic Expert d8 Psych Expert d8
Menace Expert d8 Cosmic Expert d8


Master Mechanist
1 xp The first time you create a Tech Resources or Asset during a given scene.
3 xp When successfully eliminating a threat using “Science” or “Tech” Specialties.
10 xp When you ignore a critical situation in order to complete a project or abandon a critical project in order to save a teammate.
Recognition is everything.
1 xp When you alert unwary enemies to your presence in order to make a grand entrance.
3 xp You successfully inflict at least a d10 of emotional stress by taunting or monologueing.
10 xp When you and/or your team emerge victorious over their foes on a live nationwide broadcast, or the media lays the blame for a disaster squarely on your shoulders, causing you to be reviled by the masses.

In recent years, a number of formerly mothballed divisions of the Weapon Plus Program have been reactivated. Among them was Weapon II, the animal experimentation division of Weapon Plus.

Frisby, known at the time simply as ‘subject 67’, was one of three successful test subjects for an experimental treatment intended to increase the cognitive capacity of an individual designed by the scientists at Weapon II. The treatment was so successful, in fact, that the three test subjects engineered their own escape and left the lab where they had been kept in flames.

The three holed up in a library to consider their next moves and expand their knowledge of the world around them, availing themselves of both books and internet connections during off-hours for several months. During this time, while Frisby and subject 68 studied the world, and hatched megalomaniacal plots to take control of it, subject 69, the mink now dubbed Anastasia, abandoned them and their rapidly-swelling egos to seek her future elsewhere.

When the Squirrel, now known as Ender Q. Frisby, and his partner Edward James Moreau, attempted to put their plans into action, a number of problems presented themselves: First, Ego. Moreau and Frisby each considered himself the superior of the other. Second, creative differences. Frisby preferred simple plans executed with a lot of flash, while Moreau preferred convoluted plans executed with a maximum of both precision and class. Third, Frisby accepted that while he may be intellectually superior to all of humanity, he was obviously physically inferior, and the rest of his species was thoroughly inferior in every conceivable fashion. Moreau considered rodents superior and desired to bring the rest of rodentkind up to just below their level and overthrow humanity. Frisby thought this was, in a word, idiotic. The two split, and set out to pursue their own goals.

Unfortunately, neither could leave the other alone. For a solid year and a half, neither one could succeed at anything, because the other kept interfering. It wasn’t until SHIELD dispatched agents to put an end to the property damage their rivalry was causing that Frisby was ultimately captured, while his hated rival Moreau escaped. Seeing the Initiative project as an equally viable way to get the recognition and glory he desired, Frisby cut a deal with SHIELD to work for them publically and furnish them with the patents and blueprints to everything he designed while working for them.

Why should he care about the potential loss of revenue, after all? He has three to seven years left to live, tops. The trio’s intellect was enhanced, not their longevity.

The trio:

Subject 67: Fox Squirrel, took the name Ender Q. Frisby, Peerless Engineer, especially skilled in the fields of robotics and AI programming. The first time he was Terminator, he had a working schematic for a T-103 drawn up before the movie was halfway over, plus improvements.

Subject 68: Common Sewer Rat, took the name Edward James Moreau. Incredible chemist, with a particular fondness for mind-altering and -controlling drugs, and temporary mutagens. Has a huge boner for overly complicated plans and a flair for the dramatic. Unlike Frisby, he actually wears clothes, with a penchant for Tuxedos, capes, canes, and top hats. Where he gets them is a damn good question, because they’re too well-tailored to be doll clothes.

Subject 69: White Mink, took the name Anastasia, and scoffed at her male companions’ ridiculous mixed-reference names. Quirks and fields of specialty unknown, as she bailed on the two when they initially began their ridiculous plans.

Ender Q. Frisby

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